A case where rare does not equal desirable. And the rare was the Kia part, which is not desirable. And it's been removed and replaced with Lotus bits, which ups the desirable, but removes a bit of the value "rare" adds. And this is certainly not valuable ... and absolutely not $22,500 worth. CP » 9/29/14 8:06am Monday 8:06am

And if you think Wheel edited into 1/2 hour (with commercials) has a lot of fluff, go see it taped some time. We went a few years back when they were taping in Vegas. The tickets were for two shows with a break in between. Each show took just under an hour to tape. It was excruciating.

We left during the break. We… » 9/24/14 10:08pm 9/24/14 10:08pm

I had the CTS and STS on my short list before I got my current car. I loved the STS (wanted an STS-V, obviously) and the way it drove, etc, but it just felt small to me. I'm a big guy. The CTS felt roomier, oddly enough, but I knew I couldn't buy one when I was getting into a CTS-V at the dealership and that high side… » 9/21/14 2:09pm 9/21/14 2:09pm

A bunch of years ago (2003 or so), I had a boss who suddenly decided that he HAD to stay at a specific hotel on July 4 in a very popular vacation place that had been booked solid for months. He said I was authorized to pay up to $1,500 a night for the room when room rates for that hotel were around 1/10 that. » 9/12/14 1:02pm 9/12/14 1:02pm