A bunch of years ago (2003 or so), I had a boss who suddenly decided that he HAD to stay at a specific hotel on July 4 in a very popular vacation place that had been booked solid for months. He said I was authorized to pay up to $1,500 a night for the room when room rates for that hotel were around 1/10 that. » 9/12/14 1:02pm 9/12/14 1:02pm

Yes, I get it. It's distinctive looking. It's got unique styling. It puts Lexus out there. But gawdam it's ugly. The same could have been accomplished with a more cohesive, less busy and aggressive design. I'd be embarrassed to be seen in one of these.

And did Nike sponsor those lights under the headlights? » 9/05/14 10:27am 9/05/14 10:27am