I had a 1970 Cadillac that got roughly 6-8 MPG, and it was hauling around less than 10% of the weight semis do.

My current car (a 2010 Fore Flex EcoBoost, so yeah, powers) gets around 17 - 18 MPG. That a semi gets 12 is mind blowing! » 3/28/15 8:35am Yesterday 8:35am

They get washed out, lose most or all of their possessions, and inevitably someone dies. Most of the stuff gets flushed at least part of the way to Lake Meade, if not all the way. The local Vegas news never reports on the property loss but will report someone drowning in the channels ... if it gets noticed. » 3/27/15 10:43am Friday 10:43am

I would agree if the police officer was in a marked cruiser. But a black Monte Carlo (which is at least 7 years old ... quite old for a police car) with some fancy lights? No way. I'm not pulling over for that. Send a marked cruiser. » 3/21/15 4:02pm 3/21/15 4:02pm